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What you will get when you use [ student response systems]
Basically, if a teacher wants to make his classroom atmosphere more interactive and exciting, then it is a must that he must acquire the student response Student response systems or classroom performance. Since this system is being used by numerous schools in America and Europe. By utilizing this, teachers could post their questions for their students to read, of course, through a software package installed on a personal computer. Afterwards, the students can respond immediately by the use of a remote control hardware tool which is called the clicker. Moreover, the answer made by the students follows a multiple objective type pattern. But the student’s needs to decide from one among the three of four answer options provided for that certain question. Moreover, students may use the suitable remote control keypad to render the best answer. Afterwards, the student response system will record the answers and it will be displayed the aggregated result data in the form of a chart or a graph.
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Advantages of using Student response system