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=== Next steps: Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) and UCoC Enforcement Guidelines ===
After reviewing vote results and accompanying comments, the Community Affairs Committee decided to launch a fresh round of community consultations. After that, the refined text of the Guidelines will be put for another vote.
The comments have shown that community members unequivocally support creating a safe and welcoming culture that stops hostile and toxic behaviour, supports victims of such actions, and encourages good-faith people to be productive on the Wikimedia projects.
While the results did show that support for the UCoC Guidelines exceeded the required 50%+1 vote, the comments highlighted that further revisions would be required to have strong community support to follow through with enforcement.
Therefore the Committee instructed the Foundation to:
Conduct another round of community consultations, and put the newly-refined Guidelines for a community vote.
The WMF team will seek feedback on four topics that stood out among the voter comments. You can learn more about the four topics and the Committee's findings on [ this Meta page].
Best regards, --[[Naudotojas:AAkhmedova (WMF)|AAkhmedova (WMF)]] ([[Naudotojo aptarimas:AAkhmedova (WMF)|aptarimas]]) 11:50, 23 balandžio 2022 (UTC)
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