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Žyma: MassMessage delivery
Žyma: MassMessage delivery
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== <span lang="en" dir="ltr" class="mw-content-ltr">Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election 2022 - Call for Election Volunteers</span> ==
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:''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Election Volunteers/2022/Call for Election Volunteers|You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki.]]''
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The Movement Strategy and Governance team is looking for community members to serve as election volunteers in the upcoming Board of Trustees election.
The idea of the Election Volunteer Program came up during the 2021 Wikimedia Board of Trustees Election. This program turned out to be successful. With the help of Election Volunteers we were able to increase outreach and participation in the election by 1,753 voters over 2017. Overall turnout was 10.13%, 1.1 percentage points more, and 214 wikis were represented in the election.
There were a total of 74 wikis that did not participate in 2017 that produced voters in the 2021 election. Can you help increase the participation even more?
Election volunteers will help in the following areas:
* Translate short messages and announce the ongoing election process in community channels
* Optional: Monitor community channels for community comments and questions
Volunteers should:
* Maintain the friendly space policy during conversations and events
* Present the guidelines and voting information to the community in a neutral manner
Do you want to be an election volunteer and ensure your community is represented in the vote? Sign up [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Election Volunteers/About|here]] to receive updates. You can use the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Talk:Movement Strategy and Governance/Election Volunteers/About|talk page]] for questions about translation.<br /><section end="announcement-content" />
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