Questions about deletionsKeisti

Hello Powermelon, you tagged Receptai/Gėrimai/Giros/Dzūkiška arkliauogių gira for deletion. I suppose, reading it through google translation, that this is vandalism or nonsense. Could you please clarify it so that I can delete it as global sysop and apply the propper delete reason. Thank you.—Ah3kal (aptarimas) 06:58, 28 gegužės 2016 (UTC)

Ah3kal, this page surely contains only vandalism/nonsense. The recipe describes (supposedly humorous) instructions how to feed a person, put one in a keg and brew kwass out of one. Powermelon (aptarimas) 09:24, 30 gegužės 2016 (UTC)
Thank you Powermelon, I deleted it. May I add you to my page m:User:Ah3kal/Xwiki stuff in order to ask you whenever a similar matter arises in a lithuanian language wikiproject? Regards. —Ah3kal (aptarimas) 10:42, 30 gegužės 2016 (UTC)
Sure! Thanks a lot. Powermelon (aptarimas) 14:07, 30 gegužės 2016 (UTC)

Would you also review this Receptai/Gėrimai/Giros/Bajoriška ruginės duonos gira, that seems not to have usefull content? Thank you again. Regards! —Ah3kal (aptarimas) 07:09, 28 gegužės 2016 (UTC)